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Natsuko Sagawa

Writer / Auteur / Counselor


Natsuko Sagawa was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1971. She has been a counselor primarily teaching “A Course in Miracles” since her retirement from the fashion industry in 2009.  In recent years, she has worked on multiple projects both as an auteur and as a writer.

She grew up in a Christian family and was baptized when she was 20 years old. Her father was a professor of Law and was later elected as mayor of Mito city, Ibaraki, Japan for 9 years. Natsuko also worked as his secretary to support his overseas activities. After her father’s death by cancer, she ventured into the fashion industry, focusing on retailing children’s clothes.

Her venture into the fashion industry was a success, achieving a total recorded sale of over 600 million yen (US$ 6million). Although her venture yielded great financial success, it was during this time that she had to endure the loss of both her mother and sister. Her sister turned to suicide and soon after her mother succumbed to illness. Both of whom were very dear to her.

This unfortunate chain of event awakened her spirituality; spurring her to start learning about the truth of the universe and also beginning a new career as a counselor teaching “A Course in Miracles (ACIM).” Blessed with possessing an acute intuition coupled with her deep understanding of ACIM, she has healed and empowered more than 6,000 people.

Her powerful messages addressing unconditional Love have expanded beyond religions. In 2017, she made her debut as a writer to publish her first book “Great Prayer -how to commune your true desire to God-“ from Forest Publishing Co., Ltd..
Her new perspective toward prayer has been highly regarded by one of the highest ranking Buddhist priests of Koyasan, Grand head temple of the Koyasan Shingon sect (World Heritage) who also has been acquired with the Pope more than 30 years.
Also, she had a talk show about prayer with Za Choeje Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist supporting 14th Dalai Lama in 2018.

Her books, videos and audio training materials have a recorded sale of over 100 million yen (US$ 1 million).

In addition to that, her first picture book, “Look, Look. Can you find me?”, ranked 1st place in Amazon Japan Picture Book best sellers, and will be published in Korea and other countries.

Her poetic and spiritual writing styles are well regarded in the music industry. She is currently the music producer for J-pop artist mahina.( Natsuko is responsible for translating a well-known worship song “you are my all in all” into Japanese which became mahina 's debut single  in Japan. She takes pride in taking charge of costume design and coordination of mahina 's 3rd single "Hitsuji". She later penned the lyrics and directed music video for mahina 's latest song 'Sis' (released in Fall 2021), which is about her and her late sister. Natsuko is highly regarded as a lyricist and auteur in Japan.

The short movie ‘Life Actually’ was created in 2020. As our lives experienced an unprecedented shift towards a more digital society, she embraced her new challenge to guide people to dive into their inner space and reconnect with their true self through ‘gazing meditation.’ In this work, she performs the role of writer, director and main cast.



Gazing Meditation
‘Life actually’


+ Roma short Film Festival – Award winner

+ FilmHaus Berlin – Finalist

+ CLIMAX  Critics  Awards – Semi- Finalist

+ Tokyo International Short Film Festival - Finalist

+ MAGMA film Awards – Semi-Finalist

+ Lonely Wolf  2022 International Film Festival    - Semi-Finalist

+ Flicker’s Rhode Island International Film Festival – Semi-Finalist

+ Prague International Indie Film Festival – Selected

+ PiGrecoZen – Selected 

+ Melbourne Lift -Off Film Festival – Selected 

+ Tokyo Lift -Off Film Festival – Selected 

+ The Film Collective Film Festival – Selected 

+ Amsterdam World International Film Festival – Selected


Music Video




+ FilmHaus Berlin – Nominee

+ LNDN Music Video Awards – Finalist

+ Rome Music Video Awards – Finalist

+ Tokyo International Short Film Festival - Finalist

+ MAGMA film Awards – Semi-Finalist

+ Lonely Wolf 2022 International Film Festival – Semi-Finalist

+ International Music Video Awards – Semi-Finalist

Second short film
‘Un ange passe’


+ FilmHaus Berlin   -Finalist

+ CLIMAX  Critics  Awards – Quarter Finalist

+ World Film Carnival Singapore –Award winner

+ JIFF Japan Indies Film Festival – Nominee


Music Video

‘You are my all in all’


Music Video



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Look, Look, I’m here. Can You Find Me? (ehon maruku publishing)

written by Natsuko Sagawa, illustrated by Risa Toyota, translated by Jon Baker & Naomi Nijino


A picture book filled with beautiful animals interconnected with one another, written for both children and adults alike. Embark on an adventure of discovery, unfold the beautiful life nestled within these pages, immerse yourself in the connectedness of everything and find your path towards mindfulness. Savour the artistic, meticulously crafted scenes while being guided in both Japanese and English.


Great Prayer -how to commune your true desire to God- (Forest Publishing Co., Ltd.)

Natsuko's first and best-selling book titled ‘Great Prayer’ with its refreshing view of “oinori,” prayer. In which prayer is non-exclusive to certain faiths, but instead is an elementary skill which we are all born with. In the book, she describes the many miracles which she experienced while living a life of faith with Christ through prayer. Her theory of prayer has been widely accepted in Japan as it is compatible with Shintoism, which also values ‘oinori’  and ‘kanau’; “to pray and make it come true”.

In the “Great Prayer”, Natsuko explains with elegant simplicity how prayer is a pathway to a life fulfilled.

This book has also been highly regarded by one of the highest ranking Buddhist priests of Koyasan, Grand head temple of the Koyasan Shingon sect (World Heritage). The ‘Great Prayer’ is  in its 4th print and has always ranked in the top 10 of Amazon Japan Religious Belief best sellers.


Holy Sign (Forest Publishing Co., Ltd.)


Natsuko’s second book ‘Holy Sign’, is a unique book which covers aspects of spirituality and the human psyche while creating a business team with a sense of Oneness.

The book is split into twelve chapters: “promotion” “money” “revenue” “relationship with others” “relationship with parents” “relationship with siblings” “sickness or disabilities of family members” “nursing family” “caregiving and deceased souls” “love and cohabitation” “divorce” and “marriage.”

In this book, you follow a member of the team through each chapter, with each character growing spiritually through the ordeal and building up a great business at the same time.

Ask for a Grapefruit Moon (Clover Publishing)


This book is Natsuko’s first romance novel. Anne, who is lonely after losing both parents, stumbles across a book titled “Sign”. This book guides Anne to meet a genderless boy and his family. Through this fortunate but unlikely meeting, Anne finally lives a life of mindfulness in Love. In this novel, Natsuko describes the correlation of synchronicity and energy in our daily life. ‘Ask for a Grapefruit Moon’ makes for a distinctively memorable and heartwarming love story.


Educational Materials:


Online Lessons

THE GIFT (Forest Publishing Co., Ltd.)

A Course of prayers and miracles


GLORY (Forest Publishing Co., Ltd.)

A master course of “THE GIFT”

Amour (Forest Publishing Co., Ltd.)

Video lessons: How to live your life in harmony with your sexuality


Holy Mirror (Forest Publishing Co., Ltd.)

An audio binaural recording on “How to receive holiness”


Checkmate (Forest Publishing Co., Ltd.)

Life coaching binaural audio recording, including Natsuko’s short novel



Oneness (Forest Publishing Co., Ltd.)

Interpretive Lesson: Lecture of Ms. Anita Moorjani


The world of Love and Forgiveness( Forest Publishing Co., Ltd.)

Interpretive Lesson: Lecture of Ms. Louise Hey



The talk show and Online Lesson about Tibetan Buddhism and Christianity with Rinpoche and Natsuko Sagawa

“Experience a new world through prayer and the power of mantra”

Date: July 8th, 2018

Venue: Bellesall Hanzomon

Meditation Worship produced by Forest Publishing Co., Ltd.

Natsuko produced the stage designs to facilitate more than 600 people to safely meditate together at the same time. This experience brought her an idea of gazing meditation ‘Life Actually.’


Retreat in France

An immersive experience with Natsuko to pray and heal in person in St. Magdalen in Le Midi, Southern France while harnessing the spiritual energy unique at this sacred spot.

This experience also brought her an idea of gazing meditation ‘Life Actually.’

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